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We’re currently  building our training programs with the world’s best CX professionals. If you want be the first to know about the coming programs, leave your info below.

CXforum’s School of Customer Experience

Here’s what you can expect.


Everything starts with a quality education. We’re putting together a digital training program from basics to the more advanced courses.




The training program is supplemented with practical guides and processes that you can apply to your business right away. We want to see instant value.



Certifications will be available to all students of the CX academy. Our CX certifications are globally recognized and are a huge asset to your CV.


On a monthly basis we are running current webinar discussions with the biggest thought leaders globally. 

Tests and Quizzes

We want for you to learn as affectively as possible so for that we also provide you tests and quizzes that support your learning. 

One on one sessions

If you are up to it, our instructors are also here for you. You can always book a one on one session and take you CX Strategy to the next level.

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In the meanwhile, check what is happening in the world of customer experience!

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Workplace violence is rising at an alarming rate. Although many leaders and staff are concerned, most don’t know how or where to begin to solve this horrific problem. The following is my interview with a renowned expert. I hope this resonates and causes you to become...

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EVI™ – The Next Big Thing In CX Since The NPS

To this point, we have been living in the world of simplification. And to be honest, we still do and that is a good thing. But we would need to be able to look deeper than just satisfaction, recommendations, and ease of doing business. The study of Emotional...

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