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Free webinar. Experience at Scale: Building and Growing an Impactful CX Program

The larger the organization, the more important it is to standardize your CX program while having it personalized and localized enough. ManpowerGroup, the world’s leading workforce solutions company, has clearly done a successful job at this and they are a great...

Free Webinar: What’s After NPS? Emotional Experience Is Dominating The CX Market

Recording now available! >> Enjoy your free recording here Technology is developing faster than ever before and this is one of the reasons why Customer Experience and managing it has become a competitive advantage of the businesses that win in the long term. In...

Ilmainen webinaari: Mitä NPS:n jälkeen? Tunnekokemus valtaa markkinoita suositteluindeksiltä

Webinaari saatavana nyt tallenteena! >> Katso ilmainen tallenne täältä Teknologian kehittyessä entistä nopeampaa, asiakaskokemuksesta ja sen johtamisesta on tullut tärkein pitkän aikavälin kilpailuetu, jota myös halutaan johtaa ja mitata. Sen vuoksi...

Why Your Business Should Measure Emotional Experience

There’s no doubt that emotions play a significant role in our purchasing behaviors. All of us have made at least one impulsive purchase in our life because it made us excited or happy. Similarly, we have also walked away or given up purchasing due to negative...

Free Webinar: Spotting Opportunities From Positive And Negative Feedback

Recording now available! >> Enjoy your free recording here One of the biggest questions regarding the collection of customer feedback is: How can you make customer feedback work for your business? In this webinar, we will tackle this question and help you understand...

Free Webinar: Using Your Customer Feedback To Increase Revenue

Recording now available! >> Enjoy the recording of the webinar here Reputation’s CX Strategy Director, Chris Sparling will look at where CX sits in 2021's ever-evolving world. How can businesses of all sizes use the omnichannel feedback of their customers, from both...

Free eBook: Emotional Value Index (EVI®) – The Next Big Thing in CX Since the NPS

We know CX matters when it comes to sales. Today, a whopping 46% of consumers say that customer experience is the main driver of the purchase decision whereas pricing is only 20%. But what is the main driver of customer experience? Emotions. Emotions are the key...

Free Webinar: How Winning Companies Turn Customer Experience Data Into Action

Recording now available! >> Enjoy the recording of the webinar here Measuring CX is more popular than ever, but only a few businesses are following the main principles of Customer Experience Analytics and actually getting valuable insights from the customer...

FREE Webinar: Next-Gen CX Analysis – How Best Companies Turn Massive Customer Data Into Revenue-Driven Insights

Recording now available! >> Enjoy the recording of the webinar here Just like every business out there, also you are gathering massive amounts of data about your customers, from support conversations to feedback to revenue. Customer data is extremely valuable....

The impact of chat service on the e-commerce CX

A good digital customer experience is proven to contribute to online customer satisfaction, sales, customer loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth communication. However, very little research has been done on the topic, especially in Finland, although digital customer...

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We believe that people deserve to be happy and deserve to have better experiences. And our way to make that happen is to educate customer experience professionals globally. To do this, we have brought together the greatest minds in CX, the highest value network, and the latest knowledge. 


Of companies compete primarly on the basis of customer experience.


Of executives believe they offer an exceptional customer experience.


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The biggest digital community of CX professionals

We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and receive better customer experiences.

That is the reason why we created a center of excellence and global knowledge base around “The entire journey”. This means that we had to create the largest global community of customer experience and employee experience professionals.

Technology has changed the world so that 89% of companies compete purely on the basis of CX. More surprisingly, only 10% of companies invest enough in their customer experiences to make a meaningful difference.

CXforum is an independent network of customer experience and employee experience professionals, companies, and people to bring knowledge and methods together to create better experiences unconditionally.


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