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Building a customer-centric culture to achieve sustainable business growth

In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, customer-centricity has become a critical differentiator for organisations aiming to thrive and...

Free Webinar: Boosting Customer Centricity with the Jobs-to-Be-Done Theory

Join this webinar to learn effective approaches and strategies that help businesses to drive growth, create new innovations, and enhance customers'...

Free Webinar: Customer Experience – The Key to Success in Challenging Times

Join this webinar to learn how your CX is the key factor that makes or breaks it for your business during challenging times. Date: Thursday,...

Top 4 Customer Experience trends in 2023

In today's business landscape, delivering a superior customer experience is more important than ever. With a vast array of products and services...

Virtual fireside chat: How to Build a Successful B2B CX Program?

Join this webinar to learn Air France's best practices on how to build a B2B customer experience program that can take your business to the next...

Free Webinar: Why Your Journey Map is Likely a Dead-End (and How to Fix It)

Join this webinar to acquire a fresh approach and useful tools for capturing customer feedback and utilizing the Voice of Customer (VoC)....

Free Webinar: Expert Tips for Using Customer Emotion Data in Improving Business Results

Join this webinar to learn practical examples of how to measure customer emotion and how to use customer emotion data in improving business results....

Virtual fireside chat: How Marketing Teams Should Think About CX

Join this webinar with Uber and CXforum to learn how to provide the best experiences across the entire customer journey Date: Thursday, January...

Free Webinar: Predictive CX Analytics: Why You Need It Now

Join this webinar to learn how you can use Predictive CX Analytics to drive your business growth. Date: Wednesday, December 14Time: 2 PM...

Free Webinar: Turning One-Time Buyers Into Loyal Customers

Black Friday is known for one-time purchases. Join this webinar to learn how to turn your one-time buyers into loyal customers!...
Free Webinar: Turning One-Time Buyers Into Loyal Customers

Free Webinar: Turning One-Time Buyers Into Loyal Customers

Black Friday is known for one-time purchases. Join this webinar to learn how to turn your one-time buyers into loyal customers! Date: Wednesday, October 5Time: 1 PM BST (UTC +1)/, 3 PM EEST (UTC +3) Running time: 45 min >> Enjoy your free...

Increase Empathy to Feedback Processes with User Research

Increase Empathy to Feedback Processes with User Research

According to Stickdorn, Lawrence, Hormess, and Schneider (2018) customer journey maps should always be based on the actual research and user insights so that empathy towards customers could be increased, and their credibility improved. That way, it would be possible...

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We believe that people deserve to be happy and deserve to have better experiences. And our way to make that happen is to educate customer experience professionals globally. To do this, we have brought together the greatest minds in CX, the highest value network, and the latest knowledge. 


Of companies compete primarily on the basics of customer experience.


Of executives believe they offer an exceptional customer experience.


Of people agree that they have received a memorable and exceptional customer experience.

The biggest digital community of CX professionals

We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and receive better customer experiences.

That is the reason why we created a center of excellence and global knowledge base around “The entire journey”. This means that we had to create the largest global community of customer experience and employee experience professionals.

Technology has changed the world so that 89% of companies compete purely on the basis of CX. More surprisingly, only 10% of companies invest enough in their customer experiences to make a meaningful difference.

CXforum is an independent network of customer experience and employee experience professionals, companies, and people to bring knowledge and methods together to create better experiences unconditionally.

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