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FREE Webinar: Putting Your Customer Experience Data Into Action – A Step-By-Step Recipe For Success

Measuring customer experience is more popular than ever and, if you’re reading this, you likely agree. You understand that collecting CX data is key, understanding its value to your business is critical, but identifying the right actions to take is not always so...

Have Your Say On The Future Of CX!

Does your business invest in CX? Every year hundreds CX and marketing professionals like you take the survey to help the industry to gain a better understanding of the trends of CX. Share your insight on the future of CX and gain early access to our latest report on...

Free Webinar: Leaders, how to use CX strategies to your advantage during times of crisis?

We are continuing our customer experience webinar series on how to use CX strategies so sell more and grow during crisis times. This time we are discussing leadership with a world-class customer experience professional Jason Bradshaw. Leadership can be challenging at...

Why is customer journey mapping important?

The customer journey is an integral element to understand customer experience effectively and gain advantages from it. It is the sum of different stages through which a customer passes, beginning from the first encounter with the brand until the post-purchase...

The Future of Customer Experience (CX) in the COVID-19 Era

Now more than ever we live in an ever-changing business environment and also businesses face this pandemic like never before. The COVID-19 pandemic has focused new attention on customer experience.  How can companies wisely move forward into the new normal, while...

Customer journey is taking over

‘Customer is the King’ and no one’s kidding about it. In an era where the business world is a spectrum of intense competition, every organization must strive to survive by utilizing the best strategies available out there. Even though you might already be aware of...

AI is still a utility of the few

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only popular in headlines these days – but there is also an increasing number of published research papers on subjects pertaining to AI, making it an all-round hot topic. Although there is a lot of hype and anticipation about...

Customer Complaints: The Bitter Pill That is Good For Business

By Lauren Todorovic Word of mouth over time can either make or break any business. If customers have a good experience, they will tell others about how you made them feel, what you did to make them feel or how satisfied they were with your product. But if a customer...

6 Things you need to get Customer Experience right

By Lauren Todorovic Customers hold the key to the success of any company. So it’s vital that for your organization to get ahead of the competition, you need to listen to your customers. It seems that everyone knows this - and yet most organizations struggle to keep...

CX trends during 2019 – the year when CX is reborn!

The customer journey will be reborn and start breaking the silos By now the concept of the customer journey has already been known for quite some time. But what we are seeing based on thousands and thousands of customer engagements is that the ideology is re-emerging....

How to turn feedback into sales?

Great sales representatives and marketing managers understand the importance of customer feedback and how it helps them to build a brand, create loyalty, and make sales. But many of us tend to use positive feedback as a way to reinforce our decisions and look at...

Why Is Customer Experience So Important To Measure?

There’s a lot of buzz right now about customer experience (CX), and why it’s the next big thing for companies to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. But what are people really saying? By dedicating themselves to a better customer experience, companies...

Using customer experience to upsell – What?

What is upsell in the first place? This is a term you hear bantered around in the internet marketing world. Truth be told you live with upselling consistently; you might conceivably not be tuned into it. This article clarifies what an upsell is and how you can utilize...

5 Key Ways To Improve Customer Loyalty

Getting new customers is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. In fact, it is 5 times more expensive than nurturing existing customers. So why not put more energy into keeping the customers you already have? You know them already. You know what they want. You know...

Linking NPS to financial performance

Trying to find the ROI behind customer experience investments might be a tricky time to time. Here is one approach that is based on vast studies about companies that excel in listening to their customers and taking that information back to their business to improve...

CXforum is born!

We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and get better quality experiences every day. That is the reason why we created a center of excellence and global knowledge base around “The entire journey” which basically means that we had to create the largest global...

Why did we start CXforum?

We believe that people deserve to be happy and deserve to have better experiences. And our way to make that happen is to educate customer experience professionals globally. To do this, we have brought together the greatest minds in CX, the highest value network, and the latest knowledge. 


Of companies compete primarly on the basis of customer experience.


Of executives believe they offer an exceptional customer experience.


Of people agree that they have received a memorable and exceptional customer experience.

The biggest digital community of CX professionals

We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and receive better customer experiences.

That is the reason why we created a center of excellence and global knowledge base around “The entire journey”. This means that we had to create the largest global community of customer experience and employee experience professionals.

Technology has changed the world so that 89% of companies compete purely on the basis of CX. More surprisingly, only 10% of companies invest enough in their customer experiences to make a meaningful difference.

CXforum is an independent network of customer experience and employee experience professionals, companies, and people to bring knowledge and methods together to create better experiences unconditionally.


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