Free Customer Journey Map Template – Used and Loved by Thousands of Companies Globally

Free Customer Journey Map Template – Used and Loved by Thousands of Companies Globally

Every business wishes to provide people with products and services that they find valuable. To make it happen, your existing and potential clients need to find your product and the product needs to provide them with value – that makes sense, right. By mapping and understanding your customers’ journey, you can do exactly these two things mentioned – you will know where to find your customers and you will know how to provide them value.

Customer Journey is a structured overview of each buying stage your customer goes through from finding information about your products or services to purchasing them and coming back for more.

Stages of a typical eCommerce customer journey could be Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Delivery, Product/Service, and Loyalty. The exact journey steps vary based on your business type (brick-and-mortar, B2B, etc.).

Pro tip! Always remember to approach the journey mapping from customers’ eyes – what are the stages that your customers go through in a buying process.

Next, you would need to map a couple of aspects for each stage that will give you the perfect overview of how you can provide your customer with the best possible products/services and Customer Experience as a whole. Luckily, there is no need to invent the wheel, because there is an existing ready-made Customer Journey Map Template that you can very easily fill up with your business information and you are ready to rock!

This free Customer Journey Map template helps you map your:

  • Customer goals and activity
  • Customer touchpoints with your business
  • Customer feedback collection methods and KPIs
  • Company goals and activity
  • Challenges and the main KPI for each customer journey stage
  • Ownership of processes

Thank you Feedbackly, for sharing this very highly valuable document with us. This template is used by thousands of CX and marketing professionals around the world. We hope you will find it useful, too!

Download your free Customer Journey Map Template here: