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One of the biggest questions regarding the collection of customer feedback is: How can you make customer feedback work for your business?

In this webinar, we will tackle this question and help you understand how to collect quality data from your customers, how to spot opportunities from your happy and unhappy customers in order to drive sales, boost customer loyalty, and reduce churn.

Join us on October 27th to learn about how to spot sales opportunities as well as how to reduce churn using your customer feedback.

This webinar is brought to you by CXforum partners Carepage and Feedbackly.

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In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to collect quality customer feedback
  • Spotting opportunities from positive and negative feedback
  • Using what you find out from customer feedback to drive sales, boost loyalty image, and reduce churn

Date: Wednesday, October 27th
Time: 9 AM EST (UTC -4)/4 PM EEST (UTC +3)
Running time: 45 min

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About the speaker:

Troy Woodson

Troy is Director of Customer Acquisitions at Feedbackly, one of the most flexible Customer Experience management platforms available. The Feedbackly team has helped many industry leaders across the world succeed with their CX programs and become CX front-runners. Among the many, they have helped the City of Helsinki, Merck, Innovasport, the Australian Government, Banregio. Troy will share his experience and the learnings of Feedbackly about how winning companies use their customer feedback to increase sales and reduce churn.

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