We believe that everyone deserves to be happy and get better quality experiences every day.

That is the reason why we created a center of excellence and global knowledge base around “The entire journey” which basically means that we had to create the largest global community of Customer experience and Employee experience professionals that helps each other to excel in creating the happiest customers and employees in the world.

Technology has changed the world so that 89% of companies compete purely on CX basis and what we noticed is that only 10% of companies invest enough in their customer experiences. 

This said, companies are not able to rely on sololy in investing high technology, even though that remains to be important, the only way to survive is to create exceptional experiences day after day. And who create those experiences? Well, your employees of course. This is another reason why we think that we need to concentrate on discussing and educating ourselves about the entire journey and not just one touchpoint.

Even though CX has taken its place in the professional community of marketers it still remains a very uneducated field of marketing. Very few universities adequately teach about customer experience, employee experience, customer journeys, and above all how to drive business benefit from them and create happier customers.

There is a lot of talks but few deeds – and this is where CXforum comes in. Our goal is to really revolutionize the world of marketing and CX.

At the moment we are building killer content for every CX professional (obviously) but also above that an educational system with certifications to really make sure we can create great CX professionals for companies. We also create CX professional directories for companies to find CX professionals easily. This is topped with the worlds biggest CX events ever made – so that you can have access to the best information out there.

CXforum is an independent network of Customer Experience and employee Experience professionals, companies, and people to bring knowledge and methods together to create better experience unconditionally.

The idea of CXforum was created during one single night when I happened to meet one single-minded CX professional from Melbourne. After a long night of chat, during the first hours of the morning, CXforum was set up and good to go!

Jaakko, Co-Founder of CXforum