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Join us for a cozy fireside chat to learn how and why Stockmann, one of the biggest retailers in Finland, is measuring Emotional Experience

Date: Wednesday, March 30
Time: 9 AM EDT (UTC -4)/4 PM EEST (UTC +3)
Running time: 60 min

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PS! On March 29th took place a fireside chat with Stockmann in the Finnish language. You can get a recording of it here.

Emotional Experience is found to be a game-changer for businesses measuring it. CX and marketing professionals are interested more than ever before in learning about how they can measure and manage customers’ emotions.

This is why we invited Sara Toivakainen, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Stockmann, to sit down with us for a cozy fireside chat where we will discuss why Stockmann is measuring Emotional Experiencehow they are measuring it, and what has been the impact on their CX program as well as on the business results.

We’ll also be taking questions from the audience – welcome to join and ask your questions! The chat will be moderated by Evely Kaasiku from Feedbackly.

Welcome to join us and use a chance to ask questions from a CX colleague with experience in measuring and managing customers’ emotions, or join us to listen only.

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Chief Customer Experience Officer at Stockmann
Customer & Employee Experience professional, Master of Science in Knowledge Management, design thinking enthusiast. Sara’s passion is to truly do people-centric business, optimize customer experience and maximize customer & business value creation. At the moment, she is a part of the leadership team of Stockmann, one of the biggest retailers in Finland. Sara and Stockmann have been part of developing the Emotional Value Index (EVI®) – Emotional Experience measurement methodology.

Stockmann Group owns about 460 stores and has operations in 19 countries. Stockmann is one of the biggest retailers in Finland offering a diverse and high-quality selection of fashion, beauty, and home products for a wonderful everyday life.


Marketing Manager at Feedbackly, Head of Community at CX Forum
Evely is a full-stack marketing professional who has always been interested in human psychology and its impact on decision-making. She has almost 10 years of experience in marketing, which includes various experience at B2C as well as B2B. During her career, she has even led her own startup with a goal to change the world of customer feedback collection – Customer Experience has always been in her heart. Today, she is Marketing Manager at Feedbackly, the only CX platform that provides an all-in-one solution for measuring customers’ emotions.

PS! On March 29th takes place a Fireside Chat with Stockmann in the Finnish language. Learn more about it here.

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